Friday, 11 May 2007

2002 - Hypnotherapy for Agoraphobia

In early 1999, Marie had gone to a hypnotherapist in Dorchester. Her agoraphobia diminished radically and rapidly. Within weeks, she was boarding a bus on her own and travelling to Bristol.

Once in Bristol, she found that she could only be in areas where there were quite a few people.

She was able to go to a nightclub and stay in Bristol overnight.

But the improvement went as quickly as it had appeared and Marie stopped going to see the hypnotherapist. Her hynotherapist told her that she had tried to do too much too soon.

In 2002, Marie thought that perhaps she could try hypnotherapy again to augment her improvement in her condition. This time she was determined not to try to do too much too soon again. We travelled to Dorchester 6 or 7 seven times to see the same hypnotherapist. Marie's mum met us in Dorchester and spent some quality time with her grandson while I stayed in the hypnotherapist's waiting room. After each session, Marie got a tape to listen to until the next session. She listened to these tapes diligently each night for the first few weeks, and less often thereafter.

Marie didn't have to worry about doing too much too soon. It became apparent that there had been no real benefit from the hypnotherapy, Marie stopped listening to the tapes, and soon we stopped going to see the hypnotherapist altogether.


Ruby said...
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Ruby said...

Hi Robert and Marie
I am Ruby from as you said it is great to find other blogs on Agoraphobia.

I have had Agoraphobia and Anxiety on and off for 19 years. This time around I am seeing a psychologist for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which I find great as it focuses on the irrational thoughts we have on a daily basis.

Great blog Robert I'll pop in from time to time to see how you are all going.