Wednesday, 9 May 2007

2001 - Baby Moves In - Jenna's Ban ends

The Proud Parents!

It is said that a baby changes you life, and it's a truism. I had been there before, but it was all new to Marie. She took to it like a duck to water.

We spent the next few weeks touring around our family members showing off the fruit of our loins. Joseph was a model baby and behaved well always.

One morning, Marie walked across the street in front of our house to the shop opposite. Of course she had her shopping-bag sized over-full handbag, a hea
vy coat and her mobile phone...and now a baby and his pram...but it was a start of the expansion of Marie's world. She progressed to eventually walking the entire length of our street (not very long, admittedly). And we started to go out to other places - mainly towns where we would park the car and walk around the shops. These could be quite expensive trips!. We managed to walk half a mile from the car on a couple of occasions - a very big achievement for Marie, and something she had not been able to do for over 4 years. Supermarkets and large shops became easy to go round. Small parks and beaches were successfully visited, although we didn't stray far from the car.

Another welcome change was Marie's attitude to Jenna, which had been gently mellowing over the months. Jenna's ban was lifted, although I wasn't allowed to spend time alone with her when she visited. Still, it was an improvement. Jenna, to her very great credit, complained little to me and not at all to Marie. She accepted all indignities with barely a murmur. In return, I avoided exhibiting my guilt about her banishment...

Marie's Mother (left) although originally against Marie having the baby, became the quintessential proud granny and couldn't love him more. My sister (right) was surprised but pleased (for me) to learn that I was starting a new family at my advanced age (!).
Marie's agoraphobia was not so severe and her life, while still very restricted outside the home, began to resemble normality. Here she's playing a game of crazy golf, without her bag attached to her shoulder.

Our dogs were quite impressed with the new arrival, too!

There was lots of just staring at the little miracle. We made this! Clever us!

I couldn't resist including this picture. Amazingly (for me), Marie actually agreed with the sentiment on the t-shirt!

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