Friday, 4 January 2008

Current level of Agoraphobia & OCD

Marie's current level of agoraphobia is a little bit better than at the start of 2007, and has changed in some ways since I first went out with her in 2000. Her attitude to her condition is better too - and better than in 2000, so I'm predicting further improvements this year (yes, I know this is risky!). Her ocd hasn't changed much.

Marie cannot in 2008 and could not in 2000, where that has changed -
  • Be alone anywhere if I am more than 20 miles away
  • Be alone at any time
  • Walk outside our building except to get into a car
  • Walk more than 2 metres from a car in an open area
  • Go anywhere, except by car and accompanied by a safe person
  • Go into any large building - e.g. supermarkets, the doctors' surgery, hospital, office blocks
Marie can and could/couldn't in 2000, where that is different -
  • Stay at home on her own (new!) as long as she knows there is a safe person available nearby and I am less than 20 miles away.
  • Marie was unable to be alone anywhere in 2000
  • Drive ½ mile on her own.
  • Marie couldn't drive in 2000
  • Go out in a car, with a safe person, almost anywhere
  • Walk up to a quarter of a mile away from the car along streets with shops (which are open)
  • Marie could only walk 2-3 metres from the car
  • Stay in any non-threatening place (e.g. a house) with a selection of "safe" people, as long as they can drive and there is a car close by
  • Marie could stay in any small building - e.g. a pub or shop - as long as there were other people there
Marie's OCD means that -
  • She needs her shoulder bag, mobile phone, heavy coat/jacket/jumper, a bottle of flavoured drink and her keys before she can go anywhere
  • She needs to know where all the above items are, when she is indoors
  • I have to carry my mobile phone around at all times if out
  • I didn't have a mobile phone in 2000
  • Our cars must be parked close to our house with unobstructed access to the public road (Marie gets really stressed if anyone parks - even for a short while - in front of either of our vehicles)
  • Marie didn't have a car in 2000 and didn't need a car to be parked beside our home or any other building she was in


Ruby said...

Its good to have goals, although risky :)
Marie has come so far in the past few months, this year will be much better in reaching some of her goals.
Its going to be a much better year for us all I believe.


Ruby said...
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Coffeecup said...

Wonderful story about Christmas and the bike. It was a joy to read about all that happiness! The more I learn about Marie, the more lovely she sounds, I wish she'd say hello sometime?

It's amazing when you compare what the 'cans and cant's' are over time. Sometimes I find it helps to really try hard and remember what it was like to simply go places and feel no anxiety as in the past, and it makes me wonder what the difficulty is now. I realise that Marie has suffered from an ealier age and probably cannot understand some of the things that she is missing out on, but where is the harm in remaining optimistic? Perhaps with reassurance things really will improve. I wish you every success and agree with Ruby, lets make 2008the best of years!

Steph x