Thursday, 3 January 2008

A Happy Agoraphobic Christmas

For Marie, Christmas is not much affected by agoraphobia. Especially this year, when due to Marie being able to stay at home on her own most of the time, I could get out to buy those last-minute items without having to drag Marie & all the kids with me.

Christmas Eve is wonderful here in our little town. The Town Brass Band plays carols & Christmas music in the streets during the afternoon (part of the time right beside our home), The Choral Singers sing, and the Town Crier rings his bell and (very loudly) wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. In the evening, Father Christmas performs his annual tour of the town in a sleigh (towed behind a car, because the reindeer would be frightened on the streets), listens to the children's wish-lists and gives small gifts to all kids who are brave enough to approach his sleigh. Yes, our little town has a very seasonal atmosphere on Christmas Eve.

The only casualty of agoraphobia was the Christmas Eve midnight service at our local parish church - a large event in our little community. I had been asked to help out in the organisation of the service and even though I'm a disbeliever, I like to support community events. However, because all Marie's "safe" people were either in bed or actually attending the service, I had to reluctantly decline.

As usual, Marie & I hosted the family Christmas meal. Traditional fare. All my family visited except for Jenna & her family who were in Ireland, so we had 13 for dinner. Marie was busy tidying up the aftermath of the kids opening their presents and I had started to prepare dinner when the first of our guests arrived. So I just continued to prepare dinner and ended up cooking it this year. It's not the first time I've done it - the last time was just 2 years ago (there were 17 for dinner then!) - but it was my finest Christmas dinner to date. In all truth, however, Marie's Christmas dinner last year was a little better. I'm not upset by this - it'll be a good reason why she should do it in 2008!

Our Christmas Day passed off very successfully with everyone seeming to have got gifts that they wanted - or better!

Next day we went to Marie's family home where lots of her family had congregated. All her close family were there. With no meals to prepare/serve, it was a very enjoyable, restful day for Marie & me. We returned home late with the car absolutely full of gifts - mostly for the kids - but great ones for Marie & me, too.

Then on Thursday, Jenna, husband Colin and my granddaughter Elisha came from Ireland to stay with us for a few days...bearing even more gifts!

All in all, a really good Christmas season.


Aff said...

Fantastic. I'm so glad you had a good Christmas. A good Christmas, I find, always provides a positive and enthusiastic springboard for the New Year.

Hope 2008 goes as well as Christmas 2007 for you guys.

Robert said...

Thanks for the kind wishes, Aff. We're still on a high here - the Christmas spirit hasn't left just yet. I expect that'll change next week when school starts again!

Ruby said...

I am glad you all had a great Christmas without any major upsets. Well done Marie, have a great 2008 to you both.