Sunday, 5 April 2009

The agoraphobic cares for her carer

"I guess it's a virus of some sort"... is a quote from my last post, when I had a day of wildly fluctuating temperatures.

I was wrong.

I am recovering from another bout of cellulitis.

This bout has followed more or less the same pattern as previous ones, but Marie's reaction has not. Unlike other times, when my daughters and other friends were drafted in to help with my needs and those of Joseph and Orla, this time Marie has coped with everything. She has done the shopping. The children have been prepared for and delivered to school, collected from school have been prepared for and put to bed. All done by Marie and all by herself. She has waited on me hand and foot, since, until today, I have been pretty useless to anybody.

I should be fully recovered in a few days and back to normal.

But I really hope that Marie's "normal" stays away!


Bsquared86 said...

Oh, no! I hope you get better soon. Perhaps you need this rest, anyway?

Yay for Marie! It's really good to hear that she is handling everything well.

Michelle said...

Very inspiring. I felt normal yesterday. It was fantastic. I too, want it to stay!

That cellulitis doesn't sound good. Get better soon!

rosiero said...

That is fantastic news about Marie. I am so pleased for her. She must feel wonderful about it too. Long may it continue. Not so good news about the cellulitis - get better soon!!

Nechtan said...

That sounds nasty Robert. I hope you have something to rid it and get well soon.

Again great news about Marie. That must make things alot easier as a family and give the place a lift.


WesleyG said...

that doesn't sound like it's very fun. I hope you and marie are doing ok.

Kit Courteney said...

Wow! That's pretty damned fantastic!

Mandy said...

Hi Robert

Don't know what Cellulitis is but it sounds grot.

Sounds like Marie has done a good job of keeping everything ticking along.

Hope you feel better soon :>)

Dr.John said...

I've had my turn with Cellulitis.It was no fun so I know what your going through. I had a friend with it that went to a baseball game in shorts and got sun burn on top of it. Now that was misery.
Glad your wife is doing better.

Sarah♥ said...

Hope you are better and having a lovely time :)


Robert said...

I have mostly recovered - I just have to avoid standing still for a cople of weeks.

And Marie is ok too!

Thanks for all your best wishes.

disa said...