Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Happiest Girl in Nursery School

Orla was the happiest girl in school today.

'Cos Mum went there.

Yes, this morning, for the first time, Marie managed to walk the 30m of path to the front door of the Nursery School. The path is fenced and too narrow for vehicular access, so it has always been VERY SCARYOnce there, she was able to go down the corridor to the nursery and explore the area near the door. A radiant Orla brought all her favourite nursery assistants , one by one, up to see her mum. When we went back to collect her this afternoon, Orla wanted to show her mum all her favourite places and the toys she liked. Marie was able to check out the rest of the nursery including the outside play area. She was obviously (to me) very anxious at times, but she coped. ...And made a little girl very happy.

Also today, Marie drove 2
½ miles to the next village to see her friend. What's new about that? Just that she drove there alone - left me at home. Another first.

These are just 2 examples of Marie's expanding her world. She has been expanding it in many other ways too.

There's more progress to come - I'm sure of it!


Coffeecup said...

She did really well! Two major achievements in one day, that's cause for applause! :-)

morethananelectrician said...

Whatever she is holding matches her sweater...amazing!!!!

Nioniel said...

Marie's coming on in leaps and bounds - it's fantastic to see her progress!

rosiero said...

Really pleased to hear this. I can imagine how happy Orla was to show her mummy her daily surroundings and all the things that occupy her day. Marie must have felt a sense of achievement too.

Nechtan said...

That is great Robert. Orla will be over the moon.

All the best


Anne said...

Hopefully the more Marie achieves, the panic, anxiety becomes less and less. I know that helped with me, if I did a couple of things successfully, then it seemed to flow on.

I remember waking in the morning and the first thing that would cross my mind was what I had to "try" and do that day and whether I would have an attack. Today I blissfully walked through the local shopping mall, unheard of a year ago for me. Still a little tentative - but I did it!

rosiero said...


Robert said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Marie is enjoying taking more part in our children's (particularly Orla's) daily routine. Orla is really happy about it. More of the same please, Marie!

Kit Courteney said...

That is one beautiful picture.