Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fighting agoraohobia & OCD

Marie's agoraphobia level has not increased. In recent times, a decrease in Marie's agoraphobia level was usually pretty swiftly followed by an increase of similar proprotions.

In fact, the current situation is better than that. Her depression has receded and she is finding new ways to fight her agoraphobia and OCD.

She is still driving around our (very small) town, but now she is seeking out new roads in an attempt to reduce her anxiety about driving alone. She has started taking the children and our dog to the playground and playing fields. Ok, she stands by her car while the children and the dog amuse themselves, but it's a new venture for her, and she would not have contemplated doing this a couple of months ago.

Marie has a thing about her footwear. For years she has possessed only one pair of shoes. They were always black and the same style and heel height. No longer. Recently she got some Uggs and got used to wearing them. Now she has some brown high-heeled sandals, cowboy boots and new trainers. The picture shows Marie with just some of her recently purchased footwear.

Marie has terrific, long, shapely legs. No, it's not just my opinion. On the rare occasions that she has let them be viewed by the general public, she has had admiring/lustful looks from men and envious looks from women. She normally hides her lovely limbs in jeans, but now you can see 90% of them in her recently acquired wardrobe of tiny, tiny skirts and short, short dresses.

Marie is currently choosing a new fitted jacket (or two) - instead of playing safe with her one and only jacket - a shapeless, hooded parka. In this picture she's trying on a new leather jacket. She hasn't decided whether or not to buy it just yet.

So it's habit-breaking time; and a more cheerful, more positive and more confident Marie continues her fight against her anxiety demons.


Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

Things are really looking positive ... may long it continue!

Nota Bene said...

Good news...and great legs!


Nechtan said...

That is great news Robert as its been a good few weeks now and Marie is going from strength to strength. Actively seeking out going further is a fantastic sign. It is encouraging also that the other offshoots like OCD and depression are also taking a turn for the better too- just goes to show how they are all related.

Long may this continue. It appears that Marie is also seeing the benefits of her new found freedom too.

All the best


alice said...

its excellent marie is taking the kids to the park.

and the shoe thing, ive the same pair in different colours! its good breaking old habits, brilliant.

rosiero said...

She is coming along in leaps in bounds. Long may it continue. I bet that as the children get older and want her to do more for them (go to school plays/concerts/fairs/shopping trips or whatever) she will find the confidence to push herself further and further. And yes, great legs... I am very envious!!

Sarah♥ said...

Good grief...Being 5'2" it looks like your wifes legs are actually longer than i am! Marie could model.. :)

Sounds like she is doing really really well.


Robert said...

Laura - thanks for your words of encouragement!

NB - can't disagree with anything you said!

Nechtan - yes, Marie has been going onward & upward for a few weeks now. And she HAS been enjoying her new freedoms. Now she wants more - isn't that great?

alice - the kids are enjoying the new experience of Mum taking therm out! And you know as well as anyone how destructive some old habits are...

rosiero - that's for your continued support. Marie has been on an upward swing for a while now, but to look several years forward?- that's not something I can do just yet! And I bet YOUR legs are great, too!

Sarah - Marie IS doing really well just now.

Marie is 7 - 8" taller than you and her legs are longer than average for her height. After winning a nationwide modelling competition when she was just 15, Marie was accepted into a famous model agency (Naomi Campbell is one of their's). Agoraphobia really set in about then and after failing to show for tv's "The Clothes Show" due to anxiety, her fledgeling modelling career had ended :(

Kaci said...

Awe Marie is so pretty. Good to hear that she continues to move forward! Congrats to her! :)

Jane said...

Lordy but those legs are spectacular. Here's hoping that the nice weather we've been having may gently encourage Marie to get outside a little more too.

There's work for leg models as I'm sure you know. As my dad used to say when I was bemoaning my lack of chest: "The legs are the last to go." Perhaps when she's feeling more confident she could go back into parts modelling - her legs are really amazing.

Robert said...

Kaci - thanks, I've passed on your congrats to Marie

Jane - praise indeed on the legs front! Perhaps, when agoraphobia goes away, Marie can investigate the modelling thing further. Marie is also not, how shall I put it, over-endowed in the chest area. However, modern western society's preoccupation with massive mammaries belies the truth - most modern guys would rather have pert and small than big and droopy. And as MY dad used to say - anything more than a handful is a waste! Be grateful for your "lack" of chest!

Michelle said...

Regarding your last comment, clothes hang a lot better on girls without big boobs! It sounds like she's doing so well--that's awesome! She looks great. I love coming over here and reading about her progress--very motivating.